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20-30 minutes

Dice Hollow

Wild Kratts Endangered Wildlife Game!

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Wild Kratts Endangered Wildlife Game is a fun and fast game where players build the best Habitats for endangered and critically endangered animals. Play as Martin, Chris, Koki & Aviva, laying down and manipulating tiles to build the best habitats for your animals. Featuring three levels of play for kids of all ages and adults. Protecting the wild has never been so fun! All players have a hand of tiles. Beginning with the SRART tile, take turns laying down these tiles which feature various animals in their habitats. On your turn, you may also lay down a Creature Power Disc, securing that tile from manipulation. Some tiles allow you to manipulate the play area, with the goal of making large scoring Habitats for you, and smaller ones for your opponents. When the last tile is played, all players score the size of the connected habitats back to their Creature Power Discs. The highest score Wins! Rules also feature two simplified methods of play for younger children. -description from publisher