One of the ways we can maintain our awesome gaming area is to charge a bit to use the space, and the games that come with it. The way we do that is through memberships. So whether you want to stop by for a few hours, or you want to enjoy the huge benefits of being a premium member, there's an option for you!

We have done our best to make enjoying our space as economic as possible, we want everyone to be able to enjoy it! Where else can you do date night for $20 including snacks(one suggestion of how to spend some of your gift card)?!

If you have any questions please call us at 306-249-3423 or email

$10/day - get a $5 gift card $30/Month- Get a $10 gift card $175/Year- Get a $50 gift card $50/month $500/year
Daily Basic Monthly Basic yearly Premium Monthly Premium yearly
Use of play area/library games x x x x x
Bring a friend free x x
5% discount in store x x
Paid game rental x x x x x
Free game rental (one at a time) x x


More Information

Use of library is during regular store hours. There will be scheduled events happening on a semi-regular basis that will take precedence over open gaming. Be sure to check the schedule regularly!

We will do our best to have space available for you at all times, but sometimes we might fill up, and in that case it will always be on a first come first served basis, no matter your membership level.   

Bring a Friend free- This means that whenever you come to play during open gaming you can bring one friend for free. They don't get access to any of your other benefits such as discounts or free rentals. You are welcome to buy snacks for your table with your discount.

5% Discount in Store- This includes everything physical you can purchase in store, from snacks to games to paid events. This is ONLY for you as a premium member (besides snacks), if you are found to be buying items for others we reserve the right to revoke your membership without refund.  

 ** For a list of games currently available in our library check out the Game Rentals page.