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Warhammer 40,000: Leviathan

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Warhammer 40,000 Leviathan is the boxed set that launches the 10th Edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Leviathan is the biggest single Warhammer 40,000 release ever, being rammed full of brand new content for your customers to delight in!

The boxed set contains:

1x 392-page Hardback Warhammer 40,000: Leviathan Book
1x 66-card Chapter Approved Leviathan Mission Deck
72x all-new, push-fit Citadel Miniatures comprising for two full armies including 25 Space Marines and 47 Tyranids (and a Space Marine Transfer Sheet.

All told, this launch set contains approximately 370% of added value!

The Space Marines force contains:

1x Captain in Terminator Armour, 1x Librarian in Terminator Armour, 1x Lieutenant with Combi-weapon, 1x Apothecary Biologis, 1x Ballistus Dreadnought, 5x Terminators, 5x Sternguard Veteran Squad and, 10x Infernus Marines.

The Tyranids force contains:

1x Neurotyrant & 2x Neuroloids, 1x Screamer-Killer Carnifex, 1x Winged Tyranid Prime, 1x Psychophage, 3x Von Ryan’s Leapers, 5x Barbgaunts, 11x Neurogaunts, 20x Termagants and, 2x Ripper Swarms.

The boxed set contains approximately 1000 points for each side, making it perfect for adding to exsting collections, or providing a solid foundation for your customers to build up new armies from.

The 392-page Leviathan book is a new offering for Warhammer 40,000’s 10th Edition, as not only does it contain a host of background, faction focuses, as well as all the Core Rules required to play Warhammer 40,000’s newest edition, it also contains the rules sets required to play both of the other two formats of play for Warhammer 40,000.

It contains the rules set for Combat Patrol (the faction specific rules for which will all be offered for free online), which make Warhammer more accessable than ever, giving you every opportunity to grow your Warhammer customer base in your store – as well as a full Crusade narrative expansion that delves into the lore of the Tyrannic War that forms the setting for this new edition of Warhammer 40,000.

The 66-card Chapter Approved Leviathan Mission Deck is the new way to play Matched Play in 10th Edition.

It provides everything your customers need in order to play Matched Play games right away and is ideal for all your customers, whether they prefer competitive games, or more casual pick-up games in your store (a version of the Mission Deck will also be available separately at a later date).

Please note that, Leviathan is the launch set for the new Edition, which means that it is primarily aimed at existing Warhammer 40,000 hobbyists, and so does not contain any ‘start here’ or introductory content. It is only available while stocks last, so ensure you secure your stock for your customers through your Games Workshop contact.


In Relation to Other Products

Alongside Leviathan you may be able to access two Incentive Items, to help you sell the product in your store. A set of punch-out, cardboard Deployment Zone Markers and a stylish Neoprene Dice Tray. Your contact will be able to explain how you may be able to access these.

The only other product going on sale alongside the Leviathan Boxed Set is the tie-in novel from the Black Library Studio ‘Leviathan‘.

As 10th Edition also sees the launch of a new game mode for Warhammer 40,000 – Combat Patrol. This exciting innovation offers customers a way to play full games of Warhammer 40,000, with new armies, without needing to go ‘all-in’ on a faction. As such customers now have a reason to pick up any or all of the Combat Patrol boxed sets in the range. The bespoke rules for the Combat Patrol system, as well as for each faction’s Combat Patrol, is available for free online, and so customers need only pick up the Combat Patrol boxed set for whichever faction they’ve always shown interest in to take part.