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Vallejo: Fantasy Color Series: Elves and Gnomes

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There are two new sets belonging to the Vallejo’s Fantasy range, where Ángel Giráldez outlines once more his best techniques to paint fantasy miniatures, getting deep into Middle Earth and the magic of fire.

These sets include a selection of Game Color and Model Color colors especially curated to make the application of painting techniques over figures and other elements easier. 

This technique set contains the must have colors for painting elves and mythical creatures from Middle Earth. The set includes a step-by-step guide by Ángel Giráldez and José González for painting elves and mythical creatures, and includes the following colors:

  • VAL-70918 Ivory 
  • VAL-70814 Burnt Red
  • VAL-70845 Sunny Skin Tone 
  • VAL-70990 Light Grey
  • VAL-70909 Vermilion 
  • VAL-70963 Medium Blue
  • VAL-70877 Gold Brown 
  • VAL-72019 Night Blue