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Dice Hollow

Munchkin 6: Double Dungeons

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Double Trouble!

What’s an adventurer without dungeons to explore? This box contains 40 double-sized Dungeons plus 32 Portals to get you from one to the next. Each Dungeon changes the rules . . . some are helpful, some are harmful, and some are just silly. It is Munchkin, after all!
This set includes the cards from Munchkin 6 – Demented Dungeons and Munchkin 6.5 – Terrible Tombs, now in a single convenient expansion!

  • With 40 Dungeons to choose from, every game will be different. Very different.
  • Now the same size (and price) as the other numbered Munchkin expansions.
  • The cards in this set also work well with Munchkin Shakespeare and Munchkin Legends, and many will work with any set using the original fantasy Munchkin card design.