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Escape Puzzle- Submarine

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Will you be swimming with the fishes or discover a way out of the sunken sub you’re stuck in? Find the clues to escape from our “Submarine” puzzle!

Imagine you're enjoying a holiday in the Caribbean and you're given the chance to take a trip on a self-built submarine. There's no better way to discover the fabulous wildlife beneath the waves! But once you're on board, disaster strikes and the sub rapidly sinks to the seabed. You can only escape IF you find the right parts to do the repairs. Will you crack the codes, find what you need and rise to the surface? Or will you end up as shark food?

Complete the puzzle, taking extra care with the tricky edge pieces. Note the differences between the puzzle image shown on the box and the puzzle itself; those differences may help you. Once you’ve assembled the puzzle, solve the mathematical riddles and brain teasers.

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