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Cave Drake

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These scaled predators dwell within the bowels of the mountains of Middle-earth. Fiercely territorial creatures, Cave Drakes will ferociously defend their homes from intruders that threaten their young, slashing and biting at those who disturb their nests without much care for who they may harm. This has made them natural enemies of the Dwarves who are constantly delving deeper in search of precious gems and metals, often disturbing the nests of these creatures. A cornered Cave Drake is even more vicious than usual, snapping its jaws and lashing its tail with frenzied ferocity in order to drive back those that threaten it. In the heat of battle, Cave Drakes have even been known to swallow warriors whole before continuing upon their territorial rampage.

A Cave Drake is a powerful Monster from the Moria army list. As a Minor Hero, it can also be accompanied by up to six followers.

The Cave Drake miniature comprises 10 components cast in Citadel resin, and is supplied with a Citadel 120x92mm Oval Base.