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45-60 minutes

Dice Hollow

A Song of Ice & Fire: Frozen Shore Bear Riders

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The people of the frozen north, beyond the Wall, have customs and traditions that those in the bulk of Westeros would find strange at the best of times. The idea that someone would strap a saddle to a giant bear and ride it into battle seems suicidal to many, but that’s exactly what the Frozen Shore Bear Riders do.

- A Hardy Cavalry Unit - The Frozen Shore Bear Riders give the Free Folk a very durable cavalry unit. Not as fast as some of the other cavalry in the game, they still bring formidable defenses and unmatched offensive power to the tabletop
- Detailed Figures - The Frozen Shore Bear Riders are represented on the tabletop by highly detailed, colored, pre-assembled plastic figures
- Everything Included - The box set comes with the miniatures, their stat card, and the movement tray for the unit, making them ready to hit the field right out of the box
- Not a standalone product. A copy of the Song of Ice and Fire Free Folk starter set is needed to play